Jiannan Zhang, July 2013

Making knowledge and computation seamless, helping people get connected to share ideas and collaborate on "disruptive ideas", building beautiful things.


  • SuggestU: A generic idea/tech news/wisdom suggestion engine.
  • TopHacker: A hacker social network, and build the hottest tech spot + incubator in China to work with the best hackers, support hackers and their projects!
  • Working with SciStarter, the best Citizen Science project hub, to build a better world with more awareness on science from everybody
  • A generic evaluation of a categorical compositional-distributional model of meaning
  • Graphpeida: a wikipedia search and graphViz tool
  • New Dictionary: Link semantics to vocabulary and phrases in Chinese and English.
  • CERN Webfest 2013: Bring Science to the modern Web! 83 participants and 12 successful projects.
  • DiningWithMe: Sometimes a random encounter can create beautiful connections in the world.
  • Particle Clicker: Awesome & pround winner team of CERN Webfest 2014, addictive game to teach particle physics and how HEP labs work! Tons of players online! (First week >50k unique users)

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